The network is informal, flexible, and non-governmental. Participation is voluntary and inclusive while activities focus on research/academic issues. A self-sustaining mechanism for the network is being explored.

The network is established for 1) pragmatic and efficient exchange of information and experience; 2) collaborative researches on common issues and current concerns through flexible bilateral or multi-lateral cooperative mechanism(s); and 3) capacity development.

The network started in a small scale with six institutional members and will gradually expand its membership by absorbing other voluntary institutional members. The coverage of the region is East Asia. Membership is open for the relevant interested institutes. Individuals with high regional influence and government officials could also be invited on his/her personal capacity as resource persons.

The Ocean Policy Research Foundation of Japan serves as the coordinator and provides the secretariat support for the first three years.
Network activities include those related to academic/research, advocacy and policy.

Information, experience and knowledge exchange is a continuous activity of the network. Initially, the substance of exchange could include individual research projects, ocean and coastal policy, related legislations, activities of national NGOs related to coastal and ocean governance as well as other regional or global activities undertaken.

Regular meeting : The forum for Ocean Policy Institutes will be held annually, but the period could be flexible according to the schedules of relevant ocean events. A main topic will be set up for each forum.

Collaboration with other global or regional organizations : The network might carry out collaborations with several global or regional organizations or programs, such as PEMSEA, International Ocean Governance Network (IOGN) of the Nippon Foundation and so on. Specific level of cooperation can be decided upon further consultation with the concerned parties.

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